Mandø news

September 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

Many islanders could not see their island and the festival on Tv2 Syd (click here for the tv-link) yesterday because they were present in a meeting organised by the Esbjerg municipality about the new physicial plan for Mando. We popped in briefly to announce the program for the last three days and to invite the inhabitants for Sunday morning breakfast to close the festival together.

But this morning the radio P4 Syd is sending out from Mando again too. We have posted the second flyer in everybody’s mailbox to announce press attention, the program and the social events such as the closing breakfast or the diner tonight with all who helped somehow (which is a bigger group than us).

The newspaper also passed by and visited Dario lo Cicero constructing a wind and found material instrument on the playground and Sarah Fitzsimons’s threedimensional house drawing. However yesterday, the tv reporters could only walk through the front door. Sarah had just dismantled the house for a new set up, this time not on the dune but in the sea. Today and tomorrow the sea will also enter through the front door and in fact enter the whole house. We will have tea and cakes with the sea as company.


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