Rock Carvings

September 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

By Liesbeth Takken. (Pictures by Liesbeth Takken and Haitske van Nus)

Today I’m giving a workshop to a group of pupils/students from Rosborg Gymnasium. I’m starting with an introduktion about landart, my own work, and ancient rock carvings. You can find them all over the world. I show them especially many pictures from Scandinavian carvings. I’ve made them in Sweden; this spring we discovered a big rock with carvings by ourselves!

People created since they were there. People drew already before they were writing. It’s like a basic need; something that makes us human beings.

The several times I gave this workshop, I discovered that everyone is appealed to this in a way. Because it’s about our common history: it belongs to all of us.

These pupils, mostly girls, are also really enthousiastic and concentrated on their sanddrawings. They make sometimes archetypical signs. They use sand, white pebble stone, cokes and salt powder. It was very nice to work with them: thanks a lot!


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