The certainty of uncertainty

September 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

by Irna Hofman

The only thing unpredictable on Mandø is the weather.

What is predictable and certain, is who is living where, and how people relate to each other. Daily life is rather predictable. Besides a surprise that the nature may bring, there seems not much to be afraid of. It somewhat opposes to what I wrote last time. Life can be rough out here, but within this small community, life is stable. It is not a utopia, but people know each other and particular roles of people, and relationships between them have become institutionalised over time.

The artists’ work carries a huge factor of unpredictability. That is what people here are not really used to. Uncertain is where concerts will be given, and at what time. The whole project is based on working with what nature brings. Each artist adapts his or her work to the unpredictable circumstances of the moment. Although a note has been spread around which lists most of the events, there are always changes. The art work is so much influenced by particularities of the island that we cannot predict beforehand what is going to be made exactly, when, and where, and subsequently how it might be changed by the water, the sea, or the people.

But, after a week, it seems people are getting used to the unpredictability of our activities. It has become certain that everything is uncertain. It also makes people eager to find out what is going on. We notice that inhabitants (implicitly) appreciate what is taking place.  


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