September 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

By Liesbeth Takken. (Pictures by Haitske van Nus and Liesbeth Takken)

Today the television is coming. They interview Sarah and me. I want to complete the outher circle of the big sanddrawing before. Because of high tide  that was not possible until now. We’re lucky it’s low water at the moment.  I only have one hour to finish. Petr and Klaus are coming to help us fortunately. It’s hard working to dig in the wet sand. We draw and dig the fine circles also. It’s good working when you are with some more people! We follow  and photograph the work at changing  tide.

Today at 17.00 the earth and the moon are as closest as possible. It makes special forms in the sand, like claws. In the starconstellation lowe dominate: you can see it also these days in the sandforms the water has made. We photographed them every day.

The interview with the television was ok. But actually it’s complicated to express your specific ideas in another language. Good exercise. At half past seven it’s in the news on the national canal. Helen is cheering, we too. Wow!


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