I thank

September 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

At the first day in Mando, what fascinated me mostly was how much freedom does the earth here has. An independent ground, that exists by itself, for itself. It does not belong to anyone, and no man belongs to it. They live, side by side, humans, and this ground.

Coming from Palestine, where the ground belongs to everyone, all the time, where humans and ground are sucking each other’s bones, spilling each other’s blood, this was a refreshing view.

Still in my mind I had the memories from my last visit there – riding through the hills near Ramalla, I saw the desperate hills, lying harshly, with last powers on their dry, lifeless desert sands. It was a hard scene to see the earth giving up, exhausted when we are used to think that the earth never counts a things, that it is the strongest.,

And so, this place, this island of Mando, has given me back the belief that there is still more ground left untouched, far from men’s held, from its need of control, An earth and men living side by side. And I thank this island for this.


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