September 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

By Liesbeth Takken. (Pictures by Liesbeth Takken and Haitske van Nus)

Thursday:  I want to make ‘rock carvings’ far away on the wad. At low tide we walk through the rest of the water en look for a place to start. It’s a really big open sand plate. The wind is very hard today. We feel like on expedition. Nova Zembla. But warm.

We’re looking to find the little sand drawings made by nature and….find them! That’s our starting point. Around we start on drawing in the way of the free signs we’ve found in the sand and on the stones. Like ‘écriture automatique‘; I often do exercises like this when I work with children too. It slowly changes into scribbles, little figures and boats. It’s a present that the underground had a special anthracite-black colour.

At last I create a big figure, Ymir-like, inspired by old carvings. Ymir is a giant in de northern mythology (Edda), which means ‘boiled clay’. Out of his body earth is created, out of his skull sky is created. It’s discribed very plastic.

Ymir – ‘ziedende klei’

‘In oertijd was het dat Ymir leefde

Geen zand geen zee geen zilte golven

Er was geen aarde noch evenmin inzicht

En gras nergens’

‘Of old was the age | when Ymir lived;
Sea nor cool waves | nor sand there were;
Earth had not been, | nor heaven above,
But a yawning gap, | and grass nowhere.’


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