September 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   by Irna Hofman

Each time I browse through the post of the artists on this weblog – which has become quite impressive, hasn’t it? – I find bricks. Bricks, that form part of the fundament of Mandø’s identity. The art work layed bare its corner stones.

Sarah her house moved, from one place to another. It was a metaphor for the local identity. One moment expansive, the next it remained small and simple. Nevertheless, the building never collapsed, despite exposure to wind and water. Once it approached the horizon, but it returned, with support of the people.

Liesbeth her work made me again think of the exposure of the island to natural forces. Yet, even more, it showed the interdependency between mankind and nature. There are constant struggles between sea and land. What can be made, how work is influenced, and what remains of it all depends on the availability of different materials, the tides, and the weather circumstances, which also determined the working rhytm of Liesbeth and Haitske.

The musicians gave notice of the intimate sphere, a place to shelter, that certainly is around. Perhaps one cannot notice it immediately. Tomas, Ivan and Petr played their instruments on different places which resulted in different compositions. The intimacy that different buildings can provide – the acoustics of the barn, the church, the mill – yes, there is harmony on this island. Harmony that is not loudly audible nor visible; it is whispering, but it is certainly there.

Dario showed me that each ‘thing’ available can be turned into something enjoyable. To make music, to admire. There are always good sides of something that from first sight seems useless, worthless. Perhaps Dario his work may make people revalue the things that are available to them. They must use everything, and involve everyone, that is nearby.

Tamara shed light on personal story lines and the history of the island. She showed different personal experiences people have with this island. Together they form a background upon which the community is build up today. 

Any Questions? Perhaps these are some answers. Perhaps the art work could make the Mandø boere (the island’s inhabitants) rethink, but foremost make them revalue the characteristics the island has and could give them.

The community is changing, but Mandø is not a burning ship. The fire on the closing event intrigued people, brought them together, and warmed those who were nearby.


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