Adorante, 9/11 and ritual fire

September 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

By Liesbeth Takken. (Pictures by Haitske van Nus, Sarah Fitzsimons and Liesbeth Takken)

Today is our last working day. Saturday again. We’re making three works altogether. First I make an Adorante on the highest dune near the circle work: the womanlike rock carving that adores the sun. With a cup mark between her legs.

It’s Saturday. There are a lot of people visiting the island and the festival. Everyone is coming to look what we’re doing and asking. They’re really interested. Dario is playing flute, walking from the Adorante to Sarah’s house.

After we’ve laid the Adorante on the dune, it’s very high tide. There’s no beach anymore and water is filling even the path. It’s nice that the circles under the water are still there. Dario noticed every time that the sea is really carefully with my work. It’s not destroying it. Nice spoken.

We find a little place to make our work about the Twin Towers. A sand tongue at seaside. We have to work very quickly because the water is still rising.  It’s 9/11 today. Joseph Beuys’ visionary work Cosmos und Damian had brought me to this idea.

In the surrounding we make little cup marks. With coins for elves. They transform in black holes. Tearing off everything. In the middle there are two twin towers as anti-material form. We put the coins in it. I photograph them as high tide comes. Sea’s taking the coins: my offer for Mandoe.

Cosmos und Damian repeated – 9/11 – anti-material. Anti-form.

In the evening we organize a finishing party at the beach at my sandcirclework. With ritual fire-performance. Because of high tide we make it into the water. An old dream comes true: making fire into the water! I build up a big wooden boat in it; Kjelt sets fire to it, like a naughty boy.

Sarah and I make a cross point: she changes her house into circles of different size. With the sticks Sarah and I hold up one circle in the air. Dario plays music in it, walking around with the circle. Danka continues on violin. I make some meal circles on the ground. Kjelt dogs love it! A group of young Danish women are singing beautiful songs. Haitske is filming it all. She’s got stuff for a documentary as well. Peep behind the scenes of Mandoe during Any Questions? Hope she’ll manage. Thanks to all!


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