October 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

By Liesbeth Takken. (Pictures by Haitske van Nus, Sarah Fitzsimons and Liesbeth Takken)

Creation of heaven and earth, development of mankind, inspired by northern (and southern) mythology were my themes for AnyQuestions? on Mandoe. Influence of planets on island, beach and inhabitants. Actual current political statement too.


As I said, my preparations and study produces works for a month. Life is a compromise. After years I’ve got more and more the experience that you have to prepare always, to exercise, to study, to think, to draw, to design. Then you have to let it go, set it free, and be aware and awake to catch the moment to create, or even creation manifests it selves. Without preparation you would miss. Without evaluation too.

The first days I was struggling a bit with the tide, after a week I was working with it. So the next waddenproject would be welcome! I’m especially satisfied with unexpected founded objects, unexpected meetings with visitors, inhabitants, helper’s en master class-students. Thanks Kjelt for great helping and meeting. And artists and their cross points with my work. Researchers and organizers. Special thanks to Haitske: you were a great assistant! Without your help, sounding board and sense of humour it would have been more difficult. Thanks to all to bring me this experience. And last but not least thanks Mandoe! I miss you since back home…

On our way back home we suddenly pass the Nolde Museum. I turn on my wheel 180 degrees. We look at his Ungemalte Bilder. It refers to my Unmade Makes this week. I’m glad there’s something left to work on!






…let there be light….


…and had written into the earth…


…and looked back…

Liesbeth Takken, September 2010


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